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The annual event on house & housing was partly successful, since it gave chance to each faculty to speak on related issues. However the failure was perhaps on part of defining the limitation or scope of the topic, since KRVIA being desing school. The majority of presentation were hinging on idea at policy level which to mind is non controvercial. The moment you begin to define the territory of thoretical framework, it becomes controvercial or uncomprehensible. I thought the presentation by Rupali, Rohan & myself were of later kind. I assume without predjudice that most of them thought three of us were simply bullshiting. I was very convicing about my presentation, yet it may be criticise of being international without contextual. It is not surprise to me & as if i am not aware of that at all. The inspiration can be global as long as actions are local. The generation of fiftis by large is exactly opposite. The inspiration is local & action are global. The hallmark of …


Its same time again,
Its same terrorist again…
Its perhaps same time of the year…
Its same terror & same massacre…
Its same media terrorizing each other for mirror….
Its same “salaam Mumbai” from Delhi…..
Its same condemnation & same grief…..
Its same time again for blame game……
Its same bewilder time for political priorities….
Its same time for resignation & scapegoats…..
Its same time to visit affected areas & not affected people…….
Its same promise consolation money for victims…
May it be same chasing for collecting…..?
It shall be same bribing & same scandal…..
Its same time for some inspiration for Hindi movie…..
Its same masked anger & fight, same epic heroism….
It same mediocre awards……….
Its same collective mediocrity, we shall relish…..
Let there be same systematically constructed history of courage for poll war....
It shall be same muddle in the middle…..
Its same muted mystery…..
“Isn’t it a time to mirror ourselves meticulously……
Of our priority to whom t…


Year 1990: I have visited most of the European countries on my way from US to back home. The visit lasted almost a month through comfortable E-rail First class unlimited pass. The last day of my visit was Amsterdam, where I drew my plan for next visit to Scandinavian Countries sometime in future. This is precisely that imagination which was carefully nurtured and protected for many decades. The water edge of Norway is as much real in reality as you imagine through photograph.

The landscape is tentative (ephemeral) & figurative simultaneously. They seem to be contradictory however it seems to be compounded to form a unique terrain. The cold ripping thorough body mercilessly, shadows are always longer irrespective of the time of the day. The absences of point shadows are almost scary as longer one is destined to disappear anytime. Does that really shape the general psych/ culture of people! If yes than how, I think it really need careful examination of culture & value of that con…


All design disciplines are art form & have few things in common. However there is a difference between architecture & other design discipline is that it has stronger representational demand than rest. As one move away from architecture, art, literature, the representation becomes less dense or may not exist.

The recent jury of third year architecture has been very ridiculously dwelling on mannerist mode where idea of built form is pre-determined. The any variation from pre-determined form is succumb to severe criticism. I personally believe that we are jumping directly to the manifestation & not through the filter of inquiry. The manifestation can be anything, slight skewed geometry is not necessarlly mean quality architecture, or exotic materialism that percolates through recent architecture also does not mean quality architecture. Here, my argument in first paragraph of fashion design being less dense a artform due to its weak representational commitment is seem to merge…


I have blur memory of him, during our first year studio in 2007. However the incident has left deep scar of deleted reality within my psych. I think about death very often, it scary because of the fact that its deleted reality of left ones. His face reappears on & off due to some reason. I have not able to rationalise that, & perhaps it need not to be at all. The sunrise & setting is conceptual & transition is moving reality. How do we accept the moving reality be non reality so suddenly.. The destiny is not real, perhaps destined is....... is there any way it can be rationalised!


After years of thinking & planning we could finally manage to visit Dehradun. The first impression os the place is that it is very clean town, perhaps the cleanest of all. It is mix terrain of what hill station setup & plain would be. It is very much visible in the trees & countours. The stay was very comfortable & clean. It's locatin is central to various hill stations & religious destination, hence it has floating population round the year. The visit to Rishikesh was revealing for me since you hear about its popularity for various reason. The last day Rafting was something resonate in memory for many years. However Haridwar was quite disappointing for its mess, perhaps thats how we are when it comes to our religious virtues. It also confirms my belief that not all popular relegious places are historical, if it does not have myth. We are not concern about history as much as myth. New myth is essential fuel for our survival & belief.

The experience of walking through several pathways deepens the notion of real reality. Now it is almost decided to visit Matheran once in two months as it offers almost everything that any hill station would offer plus traffic free walk for hours & kilometers of stretch in thick wooded trails.


Year 1983, Group of 25 students went on hiking to Matheran via Karjat. Its a longer route, & climb is slightly dangerous. The visit had more to do with the test of endurance then the place you visit. I was in second year architecture then. The place appeared after tortoures climb was no significance, parltly to do with the amature responces to the built setup. The recent visit on 27th September was revealing since there was no tortoures journey. The place has more to offer than i expected, that bias has perhaps to do with past experiences. The place we stayed was ground storeyed cottage type setup within thick vegetation & also next to bazar street. The late eveing bazar street stilll had life, it just gave me an idea that any place which is padestrianised will behave like resort. Matheran is a classic example where you are forced to walk, see life moving around you. This experiences are becoming rare, unlike you pay to walk (Gym).
Miroy's birthday gift was album of his photographs collected since his first birthday, first day of school & various activity he enjoys. The album is 22 pages documenting almost 50 photographs in compressed size of CD box.

The morning walkers take walk at ease within the by lanes of Santa Cruz, west like Tagore road towards Madhu Park via Ramkrishna Temple complex or Derasar Road, via Main Avenue towards Arya Samaj. The common destination is park or public place scattered around the locality namely, Lions garden, Muktanand Park, Rotary Park, Vithal Nagar Temple Complex or Laxminarayan Temple Complex, which are all easily accessible from all parts of neighbourhood. There is some sense of familiarity among all the morning goers irrespective of the morning rituals. The familiarity is perhaps two generation deep among many of those who confirm their presence at that hour. This affirms the socially identifiable neighbourhood along with the some sense of pride & privilege.

The Santacruz- West is among few suburbs to have privilege of all the amenities at walking distance. The north bound street namely, Dattatrya road, Podar street, Tilak road sets an exam…
MICRO MINI NUCLEAR FAMILY The recent duties of post work has expanded into helping Miroy in his homework. The knowing subjects & teaching in adpoted style was difficult task than i thought. It has its own fun, sometimes frustration & sometime quite evolving. The recent incidence was hillarious as much as serious. The task was to make him understand the difference between joint family & nuclear family. The advantage of joint family against the nuclear family and to know the basic difference in structure of family. I started with asking question on joint family, i explained him the way joint family lives. Everything went very well however to my surprise, when i asked about nuclear family, he promplty disagreed with me on its compostion. Instead he explained: "if you, deepa & i decide to live seperately that is nuclear family". " I thought that is new family compostion for fatafat generation... any comments"


The visit to Panchgini has become annual ritual for us during this part of the year. It’s mainly due to non-tourist season & its climatic offering in july. This was the first time we started our drive late in the afternoon & planned to reach late night. We were apprehensive but ready to encounter new experience to the ghat climbing. The climb was rewarding as the panoramic view of Wai was like driving on star studded pretenious ground plane, while pouring cloud became background quintessential space, the only oscillating reality was few yard illuminated road through head light.

The usual destination was Hotel Gitanjali Room No. 25. The hotel is small building tucked away from main road. The hotel is surrounded by thick landscape of trees reducing any visible contact to outside. It has 12 rooms on all the three floors with small courtyard in the reception area. Its offering list do not have ambience in the list, nor does it have great any exotic facilities. The contrast of overp…


It has been 40 years of memory of monsoon in Santacruz lanes, its transformation in to new type of recreation in monsoon are still fresh though it is dated. This recreation is associated to school timings & high tide times; co-incidentally they were same 12.00 noon. The annual rainfall is 1000mm by whether beauraue, however we associate with number of time our street would get flooded. The magic number is four & if it’s less by any chance at any point then we assume that monsoon is not over.
The mass scale storm water channel work has been carried out in all the streets with strong assertion by all MLA’S. Earlier it was only our street would be flooded & now it’s all other streets equalling sharing the annual rain fall. The monumental acclamation of autonomous glory is slowly diminishing.
Out of all the mess, the only place where the phenomena have been constant is Milan Subway. The quality of transformation of this subway is parallel to any other public plac…

matrix & metaphysics

"The relation of Self & context establishes structure of epistemology which builds relation & dialogue. The inevitable expression is in the confinements of coscience, ethics & moral principal. Further it opens up for critical thinnking of dialectic & philosophic in nature. The dilemma of this matrix preoblematises the manifestation"
" How to become a rarecommodity or niche out your self among the array of visible things"?.... is that architecture or individual destined to be rare & nicheable....,,,, is there any ethics that can be discussed within the discourse or practice/ production of architecture.....
" Its is almost imperative that everything we do around is dubiously & unintelligently decadance of hindi cinema. How is that architecture can have autonomy of existance. The recent launch of architecture magazine is an attempt to singularuze, glorify individual attainment & cerebral audacity. Its thrives on unsolicited urbanity, attempting to redefine unimaginitave spa architecture/culture within de context s-politics."