Monday, August 31, 2009


- Urban design education
Urban design is traditionally rendered with western academic forum. Its role is very often predetermined in abstraction of historicism on one hand while iconic & ideality on other hand.

- Urban design, architecture & Indian cities.
A city is a palimpsest, a document with many layers of accretion & imperfect erasure, many glosses & comments and marginal notes. It is often called as collaborative art work, a strange collaborative partnership of people, civic policy makers, democratic political - legal system & socio-cultural & regional hegemony. The matrix of lattice system is an abstract idea of theoretical discourse within urban design context of Indian city. It represents the complexity of various realms seeking sense of locus & alignment to the vast reality of perceived urban order.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The city constantly neogtiating with what is central and what is marginal. The ghats are victims of constant negotiation. Once being a central are now backyard of the city. How cruel... the significance of death once was celebrated in central space is now marginal or backyard activity. The city grow on belief & decays on sedimented morphed customs....

SMART CITY MISSION: New Urban Paradigm of Imagination or Perception

The recent time has seen the shift in urban planning concerns of our cities, especially second tier cities. The emerging paradigm...