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The “Jan Lokpal Bill” is known in English as “ombudsman bill”. As per Wikipedia. It means the intermediary / representative between constitution and external constituency. This empowers the constituency to investigate any charged beaurocrates without prior permission from center.
Before we even understand such constitutional meaning of Lokpal Bill it is necessary to understand what its precedes or succeeds. What are the civilian rights vs electoral system of democratic system and their representative? Does democracy allows preceding the individual over constitutional elected representative for any amendment.

15th August Monday morning was busy with wishes through Sms’s celebrating the Independence Day. Within 24 hours the mood of independence was overshadowed with arrest of Anna Hazare. The whole country was held up on arrest as if within democracy the arrest in unconstitutional. However no one every thought of the fact that how valid is the need of such bill after almost 64 years of i…
SURAT: LOGO-CENTRIC URBANISMI have visited Surat on numerous occasions knowing the orientation preciously from the point of view of stranger in the city without slightest clue of the existence of various layers that has shaped the city. Its assumes the city to exist with specific signs & symbols that normatively structures the images and results in to pre-determined logos that connotes the city. It is undeniably organizes the patterns that are very different from the stand point of being completely deterministic. I must admit honestly that first time I began to read the city from the point of view of what we are being trained and stand point is significantly different from the experiences of the past. The former experience is fairly bias towards its dis-order and all the appendage go along g with the adjective amounting to the chaos.However the recent visit to Surat has revealed other dimensions that have been hidden for all these years. How strange is that view points are differ…
Innocent Wish
मुर्जाने से पहेले हर फूल की तारीफ की है गिरजाने से पहेले हर तम्मना की गुजारिश के है कही किस वजह से मिलने की ख्वाइश की है अगर अरज क़ुबूल हो तो आँखों से निकलकर दिल में समा जाओ दिल से निकली कर आई हर दुवाये, मिले तुजे हर मुकामे मंजिल पर कोही साँस रोक देगा, क्योकि पवन न पहोचे अगन की और