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MASKED URBANISM: art festival “fever, that in its beginning it is easy to cure, but hard to recognize; whereas, after a time, not having been detected and treated ,  it becomes easy to recognize but impossible to cure”  NiccolòMachiavelli consumption of routine,
parody of muted
in display of perceptive

burning up of average
rejection of intense
exquisite of left over
like misused tissue
defeated margin
rudimentary popular.
Pornography of masked.
for bridal re makeover
history for mess 
in mystery of east likely to detects,
narration of west to tweak for reflect
ridiculed biography
scripted Bibliography
prologue of predictable narrative monograph of perverted dialogue
human right of bird cage needle of moral compass shiftedattuned to sand dunes submerged in horizon of
masked urbanism.


EXTRACT FROM PROF SIMON INTRODUCTION: “The aim of this space syntax workshop is to equip postgraduate and/or senior undergraduate students with a well integrated analytical and planning design methodology to first deal with a complicated urban/rural system to diagnose and to tease out existing urban/rural development issues and secondly to work out a well defined planning and design proposal for future development of those areas under discussion. Furthermore, this workshop focuses on two major subjects: 1.The first question is to explore the possible strategies and design alternatives for future development on spaces left over after planning (SLOAP) areas or spaces left unused, i.e., redundant areas, etc., in the contexts of Asian cities. 2.The second issue is related to the so-called “Urban Parametric Diagnosis and Acupunctural Microscope Intervention (UPDAMI)” process, which will be explained in the following four steps:”