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ENMESHED I The post independence years saw rise in state identity crisis and perhaps architecture found its new wisdom in seeking such political identity of independent state. The advent of various architects, studied and trained abroad helped in strengthening the wants of identity. The architecture envisioned itself to be responsible for nation identity as whole, subjecting its regional complexity far behind in such utopian thinking. The tag of third world was entrapped into the notion of state architecture coupled with mighty overcast of modern masters imaginations. The identifiable language that emerged from these legacies was seen in few architectural projects like Rajghat New Delhi, Gandhi Smarak Sanghralay, Atira Housing, IIT Kanpur, Dairy at Mehsana, Medical Research Institute, Chandigarh, Sri Ram Center New Delhi, TISS Mumbai and Rabindra Bhavan New Delhi. The architecture clearly marked the new archetypes for a society whose values were enmeshed into history & myth of thou…


Prof. Alok Sharma from MITS guided the city tour of Gwalior. He passionately showed the heritage architecture of the city which has pre-colonial and colonial history. On several occasion he mentioned about the Batesara Archaeological Site in conversation, elaborating possible mythical significance of the place. 
The site is approximately 30 minutes drive from city center and has approachable road. The excavation site is on hill,  sloping towards west, hence the sun casts deep shadows and illuminating the temple complex almost through out the day. The conversation with the local site in-charge of excavation site explained that the entire site was under the ground and the ASI initiated the excavation and managed to restore,  almost 140 temples till now. There are possibilities of more than 60 temples yet to be excavated from site. The site in-charge was carrying an album, showing what was earlier and how it has been restored now. The effort by A.S.I is laudable as we have yet another sit…


The School of Architecture building at M.S. University, Baroda is more than 100 year old building. The main component of construction is brick load bearing, stone lintels/ ties & wooden boarding on wooden section as floor. The architectural style seems mixed of colonial typology, Gothic arches, Mogul domes/ entrance, central large courtyard with corridor around.
The division of spaces are mainly based on load bearing grids, assembled around courtyard and axially place staircase aligned with entry point. The typology is distinguishable from rest of the building around. The building has fine proportion systems visibly on street facade & courtyard and perhaps that  bestows the building with fine architectural character.
The building also reminded on James Sterling's architecture school building at Rice University. The building definitely needs restoration as condition inside the courtyard is disintegrated over the period of time. Its unfortunate that architecture institution is…