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The town of Vengurla is located in Konkan stretch of Maharashtra and  entry point of North Goa from Konkan belt. The town is sprawling form coast line towards the NH17. The small town has distinct communities and their identifiable neighbourhoods. The main occupation is fishing and agriculture along with the ore mines for Manganese, keeping Vengurla Port buzzing with activities till late hours.
As one moves away from coastline towards the inner conditions of neighbourhood level, the quality of social and cultural life reveals in its situations and context of epic story's attached to the shrines. Each shrine is unique architecturally and mythological significance. The each shrine has public place around as meeting point for social and cultural end. The typology of shrine is typical to Konkan region stretching upto Karwar area. The large hall with masculine columns as an entry point and cascading shikharas and domes tells the story of its survival through the successive era of strugg…



The city of Champaner, historically  was seized by several ruler due to its scenic backdrop and architectural importance. The history of establishment of regime dates back to 7th century A.D and subsequent & constant change of regime from 14th century A.D to 17th century A.D. The rule of Chavda Dynasty, Begda Dynasty, Mughul Dynasty and lastly the Maratha Dynasty are the testimony of its importance. The subsequent change in establishment also reduce its importance as a capital city. The present state of the Champaner appears to be the civilization on a verge of disappearance. however the listing of site on World Heritage Map has given some hope for its restoration and preservation. 
The only parallel example of Champaner that one finds in Indian Architectural History are Fatehpur Sikri and Hampi. This three example notably demonstrate the skills of architectural composition, its detailing and urban imagination. Although Champaner has been lagging behind its predecessor in its due…