Sunday, October 26, 2008


  • I have blur memory of him, during our first year studio in 2007. However the incident has left deep scar of deleted reality within my psych. I think about death very often, it scary because of the fact that its deleted reality of left ones. His face reappears on & off due to some reason. I have not able to rationalise that, & perhaps it need not to be at all. The sunrise & setting is conceptual & transition is moving reality. How do we accept the moving reality be non reality so suddenly.. The destiny is not real, perhaps destined is....... is there any way it can be rationalised!


  • After years of thinking & planning we could finally manage to visit Dehradun. The first impression os the place is that it is very clean town, perhaps the cleanest of all. It is mix terrain of what hill station setup & plain would be. It is very much visible in the trees & countours. The stay was very comfortable & clean. It's locatin is central to various hill stations & religious destination, hence it has floating population round the year. The visit to Rishikesh was revealing for me since you hear about its popularity for various reason. The last day Rafting was something resonate in memory for many years. However Haridwar was quite disappointing for its mess, perhaps thats how we are when it comes to our religious virtues. It also confirms my belief that not all popular relegious places are historical, if it does not have myth. We are not concern about history as much as myth. New myth is essential fuel for our survival & belief.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The experience of walking through several pathways deepens the notion of real reality. Now it is almost decided to visit Matheran once in two months as it offers almost everything that any hill station would offer plus traffic free walk for hours & kilometers of stretch in thick wooded trails.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Year 1983, Group of 25 students went on hiking to Matheran via Karjat. Its a longer route, & climb is slightly dangerous. The visit had more to do with the test of endurance then the place you visit. I was in second year architecture then. The place appeared after tortoures climb was no significance, parltly to do with the amature responces to the built setup. The recent visit on 27th September was revealing since there was no tortoures journey. The place has more to offer than i expected, that bias has perhaps to do with past experiences. The place we stayed was ground storeyed cottage type setup within thick vegetation & also next to bazar street. The late eveing bazar street stilll had life, it just gave me an idea that any place which is padestrianised will behave like resort. Matheran is a classic example where you are forced to walk, see life moving around you. This experiences are becoming rare, unlike you pay to walk (Gym).

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