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Arthur Erickson was first generation of Canadian Modernist Architect. His role in shaping modern ethos in architecture and planning domain is noteworthy. His practice involved varied kind of scale and types of building, strongly embedded into modernity. In principle his design showed the way that context is given condition and modernity has to be dealt with. It means simply that how modernity has to be appropriated in a given context. Two building that he designed at UBC campus and Downtown Vancouver is a significant example of architecture of the city. 
The public building (Law and Court Building) in downtown, Vancouver is an example of how modernity has to be dealt with civic architecture, as very few modernist could dealt with architecture of public scale. The building as series of decks/ podiums cascading down towards the large public plaza almost makes building move away to create perceptually larger space, rather than building occupying the space. The large atrium of the building…