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INTRODUCTION THE LABORATORY APPROACH TO BUILT ENVIRONMENT EDUCATION. The project URBAN LAB+ is an initiation to set the interactive platform for various educational institutes who are involved in higher education in urban studies. The URBAN LAB+ is involved eight partners with TU BERLIN (Technische Universitat, Berlin, Germany) as host and coordinator for the entire project.
The Larger interest of URBAN LAB+ is to promote higher education, improve services of international students & strengthening relation among the institutes across the world. The partners of the URBAN LAB+ are as follows:
-Technische Universitat, Berlin, Germany (TU) -University College, London, UK -Ecole Ploytechnique Federale De Lausanne, Switzerland. -Universita Della Calabria, Italy -Pontificia Universidad Catolica De Chile. -University of The Witwatersrand, South Arfrica -Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture & Env. Studies, Mumbai, India -The Chinese University of Honkong.
The contact persons are fro…