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The IUDI seminar on thesis at Ahemdabad brings about several issues related to the discipline of Urban Design that are central to debate all the time. The very nature of design domain activity is appeared to be relegated to secondary in most of the cases. The first session on place making/imageability had two cases hinging their argument on theory which were manufactured in 1966 and discarded during my day's of post-graduation studies. However George's thesis stands out on the ground that it scans the daily/routine/mundane experiences which are perhaps overlooked or ignored as and experiences embedded with ecstacy as momentary laspe of memory. its an interesting tools for analysis of urban form. It also brings out the conflicting ideology that brings about by forces that being exerted on us and responses that are manifested. Some time the responses are balancing to the stumuli or sometime they neutralizes each other by cancelling each other out. But not very rare the responses…