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This was my second visit to Shimla & each visit had different intent and different impact. The duality or dichotomy that has surface now is that WHO to conserve for and WHO to construct for. This has been the most difficult visit as witnessed the glaring reality of social life that has literally engulfed the entire topocentric urban-ism of Shimla. The left over struggle for precarious preservation of historic precinct sounds self critical as much as revealing ignorance on audacious participation in displacement of precinct from the rest of the terrain.
Shimla has seen political transformation from summer capital of pre-independence to capital of Punjab & now capital of Himachal Pradesh. Is there any way one can be slightly more analytical in understanding the impact of geo-political metamorphosis on social life?
The topcentric imagination of present living condition is beyond any precursive idea of housing & social life. It defies the any norms of conventional tools to com…