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Its same time again,
Its same terrorist again…
Its perhaps same time of the year…
Its same terror & same massacre…
Its same media terrorizing each other for mirror….
Its same “salaam Mumbai” from Delhi…..
Its same condemnation & same grief…..
Its same time again for blame game……
Its same bewilder time for political priorities….
Its same time for resignation & scapegoats…..
Its same time to visit affected areas & not affected people…….
Its same promise consolation money for victims…
May it be same chasing for collecting…..?
It shall be same bribing & same scandal…..
Its same time for some inspiration for Hindi movie…..
Its same masked anger & fight, same epic heroism….
It same mediocre awards……….
Its same collective mediocrity, we shall relish…..
Let there be same systematically constructed history of courage for poll war....
It shall be same muddle in the middle…..
Its same muted mystery…..
“Isn’t it a time to mirror ourselves meticulously……
Of our priority to whom t…


Year 1990: I have visited most of the European countries on my way from US to back home. The visit lasted almost a month through comfortable E-rail First class unlimited pass. The last day of my visit was Amsterdam, where I drew my plan for next visit to Scandinavian Countries sometime in future. This is precisely that imagination which was carefully nurtured and protected for many decades. The water edge of Norway is as much real in reality as you imagine through photograph.

The landscape is tentative (ephemeral) & figurative simultaneously. They seem to be contradictory however it seems to be compounded to form a unique terrain. The cold ripping thorough body mercilessly, shadows are always longer irrespective of the time of the day. The absences of point shadows are almost scary as longer one is destined to disappear anytime. Does that really shape the general psych/ culture of people! If yes than how, I think it really need careful examination of culture & value of that con…


All design disciplines are art form & have few things in common. However there is a difference between architecture & other design discipline is that it has stronger representational demand than rest. As one move away from architecture, art, literature, the representation becomes less dense or may not exist.

The recent jury of third year architecture has been very ridiculously dwelling on mannerist mode where idea of built form is pre-determined. The any variation from pre-determined form is succumb to severe criticism. I personally believe that we are jumping directly to the manifestation & not through the filter of inquiry. The manifestation can be anything, slight skewed geometry is not necessarlly mean quality architecture, or exotic materialism that percolates through recent architecture also does not mean quality architecture. Here, my argument in first paragraph of fashion design being less dense a artform due to its weak representational commitment is seem to merge…