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The pre-election movement to implement Jan-lokpal Bill had very clear manifesto that it should  not amount to a gateway to main stream politics. The intent had mass appeal but it could not curtail or restrained its political aspiration. Now its ruling party of Union Territory and capital city. The absence of stalwart of the movement during the oath ceremony was clear hint to those who understand main stream politics. 
The vanguard of Jan-Lokpal movement has vertical crack in terms of its ideological root. This has been very evident in various occasions and event. But unfortunately the common voters perception are embedded in heroism out of ordinary like Hindi cinema. It was also very clear in the original agenda that its not a political movement but mass awareness towards righteous paradigmatic shift. It never had any aspiration towards formation of political party and a formal political platform. The movement not only limited to the nation but world over took note of that euphoria. Th…