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Every culture strives for its identity by mean of architectural manifestation. Their formal language often depicts the nature of porosity that any culture ready to absorb by new means in conversation with global imperatives. It is difficult to comment on aspiration of any such endeavor but its very approach that designer solemnly aspired to bring about value system that align itself to its own can be questionable.

The National museum at Yilan is an exciting building from stand point of general perception and similar architectural concern. Firstly by its context and secondly by its language. The building contextually sits close to coastal region visibly connected to island which once had strategic significance in WW II. The island has tapering natural form which has some psychological significance locals.

The architect has almost imbibe the natural form the the island. The formal language of museum is reminiscent of high modernism of 1960's esthetically r…

Architecture is most dynamic form of art whose limits are pushed beyond its boundary defined by its predecessor. It is very often derives its momentum from global forces and aspiration. The priority that one exercise depends on various traits that shapes individual and our cultural aspiration. The momentum that modernism exerted on globalism resulted in virtue of presence of building but absence of language. It is global imperatives that perhaps shapes our social and cultural priority thus architecture. The more such imperative that exerts pressure on our culture… harder that architecture finds it be container of values of our time and region. The contemporary trend in global architecture is seemingly about delimiting formal process from the clutches of tight compartmentalized modernism and subsequently aided by technology. This apparently is very anti modernist stage setting whose virtues are reinventing notion of urbanism and architecture to its mainstream of s…


As i arrived in Taiwan; did not have enough understanding of past experiences of our exchange programe. However to my surprise i was asked to give talk on traditional cities of India. I am definitely not an expert on this subject matter but tried my best of eight hours of preparation to put to gether. I looked at the idea of Living Traditional Cities of India emphasizing the evolutionalry process based on certain principle and belief to recent readjustment that city goes through. I showed two cities: Jaipur and Madurai. Both the cities are similar in nature except the geographical location. But the most interesting thing was the nature of transformation that geography exerts on city is something to look at. Its quiet a revealing that city behaves its own was and intentions are in its own way. Perhaps it should be relooked again from academics point of veiw and take it to the studio assignment. We are very limited with our thoughts in terms of Metros and particualry Mumbai. The reasons…


The trip to Srilanka came up with low expectation but ended with deep impression about the terrain/ people. Srilanka has abundand naturaly gifted situations. The east and west with coastal region while central has mix of plane and mountains. The Batticulao city was real surprise as it has been hidden all these years behing the shadow of war and now suddenly opened up as a potential for tourism and other economic opportunity of lime base industry. It is yet to be seen the transformation that Batticulao goes through over the period ten years. Within the context of its socio-cultural morphing of various regions.. the natural setting... the issue of small town destined to be a large agglormeration of various economic activity and people shall be a challannge to the governing authority. However the impression of Srilanka as what is was and what is now are two opposite sides of perception.


The IUDI seminar on thesis at Ahemdabad brings about several issues related to the discipline of Urban Design that are central to debate all the time. The very nature of design domain activity is appeared to be relegated to secondary in most of the cases. The first session on place making/imageability had two cases hinging their argument on theory which were manufactured in 1966 and discarded during my day's of post-graduation studies. However George's thesis stands out on the ground that it scans the daily/routine/mundane experiences which are perhaps overlooked or ignored as and experiences embedded with ecstacy as momentary laspe of memory. its an interesting tools for analysis of urban form. It also brings out the conflicting ideology that brings about by forces that being exerted on us and responses that are manifested. Some time the responses are balancing to the stumuli or sometime they neutralizes each other by cancelling each other out. But not very rare the responses…

The day that perhaps embedded for years to come, as recent as just now & perhaps as not real as it can. But its reality & it may take as many years to accept & get embedded deep within psych. Still fresh memory of coming back from institute, desperately stopped by every signal on way, waiting for it to let go. How is that such pre-moment are lapsed & new reality surfaces perhaps undesirable reality that we are forced to live with. The moment of anxiety, the sigh of relief & ruthless reality within next moment. Its a moment that was feared for years but waiting not to emerge & suddenly that abbeys. It may be rather circumstances that is not pardonable or its absence that is not acceptable.. not able to reason out that... its famous Hitler quote that Use emotion for many & reserve reason for few... it is perhaps exactly reverse that fight is for emotion for few & reason for many.


Perhaps the most unknown figure among architecture fraternity is Akhil Dadkar. Akhil Dadkar was a product of Bandra School of Architecture & completed planning from CEPT. in late seventies. I had my first encounter with him, back in 1986 in Group Seven Office. The few project model on display showed some modernist virtues with strange blend of Indian architectonics. I began to inquire with some innocent question, behind the frail, beard personality i received some interesting explanation, which are still fresh in my mind. I thing those explanation are my first lesson in architecture. He has always remained silent about his work & remain committed to his way of working. Its strange that today we build one project & chase world out for its visibility while Akhil remained silent & covered right through out. His first project of private house had blatant modernity of corbusier one side while distinctly exploring indigenousness & aspiration on other side. His project a…
The jury performances are always remain inadequate, when one look at only final product. However this year jury managed to raise that queries to level of acceptability. The overall work has been satisfactory however quality of design queries vs quality of architecture has alway been uncomfortable.







The jury went with few notes as i began to question many things that may bring the discourse of abstraction in center. The ideal of representation & concreteness are duality within which entire idea of manifestation oscillates. The notion of academics is real vs real than perhaps we are limited by choices but if real is abstracted than choices are given new identity of attitude. I think the attitude is which brings entire discourse of design discipline in focus. Can urban responses are as abstract as responses of self within urban?.. The work produced by the batch was phenomenal, & had enough substance to bring discussion of urbanity in some sense. The idea of seeking urbanity in housing is rather difficult task, yet they all understood the concern if not responses.
I thing we need to ask right question on such issues... - what is urban - what is not urban - what is urbanity that need to design - what is urban edge - is that anything that is non-urban - is urban a process... - is u…
The undisciplined city conference on 30/11/09 had some interesting views & interpretation of our city that are going through rigorous transformation. The list of deformities that surfaces through rationlization of our cities are beyond the scope of even multi-disciplinary approaches we talk about. The undisciplined etymology is the store of such deformities.Legal deficitDelienation deficitdeman deficitdemand ssesmentstake holder assesmentundisciplined legislative/ power/ politics/ economyundisciplined gentrificationundisciplined linguistic territorial demandautonomous processesunintended cityIntentions & contentionsBuilding cities from outsideurbanity "a state of mind", urbanism "a object of mind"is conteporary urbanism a new found confusion?disciplinary confinementcontested trajectoryurban society going out of disciplinary constitutionbeyond city bound.
The metaphor that attached with east is rising & perhaps manifested somewhere in our rituals & our cultural manifestation. The east is histoically a historical, that cannot be slightest exaggeration in that since we are facinated by narrative more than monuments. We have limited discussion on the very idea of east, especially from western biases. Perhaps the argument of east have never delve more deeply into their interpretation of form, sources, intentions, meaning. Hence there are inherent risk in any attempt to evaluate current tendencies that our cities manifesting without bases to rationalize transformation. The filter of east is perhaps inhibiting the process since the colonial stigma, British legacy still lingers with our socio-cultural processes that shapes our cities. Hence east is perhaps analogy from western centric thought who tried to renewed the Raj legacy from the nostalgic perspective of current fashion.Our attempt appears to be partial appra…


The cyclical route to Saurashtra seems analogus to cyclical notion of time that exist in our memory. The travelling distance of 2000 km appeared like one cinema with several character, each is individual yet bounded by larger theme. The Saurashtra has architecture, which are distorted & defaced along the time, yet pride to exist with distorted hisotory is visible among people. " perforated timewall has distorted the time memory, yet it is familiar""that scatterd memory through time wall seems familiar""that hidden lapsed memory overshadowed by brocken building seems familiar as well""time has no respect for age, every building that rose with time is destined & perhaps thats the form of time""the form of buildings are distorted & defaced yet the ideality in existance with time also seems familiar"