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There are several ghat cities in India associated to myth, religion & rites. The city close to Bharuch know as Chanod is perhaps less unknown among Indians compare to Banaras, Nashik & Dwarka although it has similar significance related to last rites. The only difference is that Chanod is known for performing last rites for those who met with sudden death. But the most significance difference is that Chanod has Narmada River front with no ghats, unlike the other cities & perhaps it might have emerged with myth which are not as historically deeper like rest of the ghat cities however historical transformation has evolutionary process which may have begun.

How interesting! That we find immediate association with river fronts & new myth. The knocking sound of boats diesel engine across the river banks merged with Brahmins chanting mantras, sugar cane sap squeezer machine & sound of thousands of people moving on white sand along the bank, each is identi…