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Hindustan Times: 24/07/14 - EASTERN WATER FRONT


The proposal for eastern water front development needs re-consideration especially harbor line is also going though tremendous transformation and needs to wait for reality that shall surface, few years down the line, after actual transformation of redeveloped harbor line. It is very often seen that such opportunity are not seen as an asset rather as an scenarios to activate the economic upsurge in construction industries. It is unfortunate that various consultant and planners eagerly waiting for an opportunity in the name of better environment, amenities, open space.
We have to be careful in unlocking such precious land for the development especially when there are certain economic  & social dependencies shall be conveniently gentrified along with a the global priority that developers along with various stake holders desirous to exercise, that cannot be overlooked. The scenario shall not be different from development of mill land, MHADA layouts or land unlocked in central northern…


The exit from NH8 towards the Daman revealed sudden change of landscape. As it passes through the well maintained winding road, penetrating the thick forest almost appeared to be unending perceptually. The exist also showed the change of habitat and dialect. The terrain almost overwhelmed  the greedy existence of fast movement.  The Daman region arrival is archetype of any conventional city, yet sudden widen road and manicured landscape gave the feel of exclusive administrative terrain. The Moti Daman is an administrative town of the entire Daman region. 
The exclusiveness is further enhanced with mummification of several artifacts, including buildings. The entire town appeared to be a well thought mechano, where each piece is precisely made to fit in to its position. The bridge that connects Moti Daman to Nani Daman is scenic from its location point of view. One can view arrabian sea on one side, two cities split up with Daman Ganga River, reaching out deep into the land. The Nani Dam…