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IUDI: 2012.The first day began with the Urban Design Thesis presentation from all six institutes. The nature of projects varied as far as context concerned but the quality of inquiry remained fairly uniform throughout. The nature of intervention always remained suspended or left ambiguous. The discussion resulted into larger domain of Urban Design i: e values of design in urban to policy formation. The various components argued out but to my mind they may remain unarticulated or unattended from design point of view.Involuntary SettlementsEqual rights as liabilitySpatial JusticeHow much incrementalFrontiers of Urban DesignDiscipline of Design in Urban DesignAgency of Urban DesignAnalysis as system that impedes the expansion of Urban Design frontiersStatistic and Policy are like holding dog’s tail & allowing him to bark.Development finance as an attributesGeneric principles of Urban DesignVirtual topographyLand contour vs. natural contour.Morphing phenomenon of public to everydayStr…
As part of Rosa Cerveras studio came to Mumbai where studio X organized a review of the work they have done on Mumbai under theme of "Recycle Mumbai". The Columbia workshop exhibition got extended into the new interactive session with students from Spain. The KRVIA Masters students got to meet them and talk about the work as well.
The theme resulted into micro-urban insertion projects at various locations. The overall work was good exposure to KRVIA students mainly in the realm of theorizing and representation as urban researcher. The KRVIA students also presented the Nanded Studio work by going through all four site study and intervention.