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Every city exerts it own tactical forces that shapes our attitude towards sex and socializing pattern. The response to these forces are also forcing us to shape our buildings. The visit to central downtown Taipei had revealed similar characteristics and not different from other city in endowing the city with typology of buildings shapes by its own tactics.
As one moves towards the central downtown the high rise commercial districts slowly merges into low rise building with distinct and uncharacteristic compound wall. It is a complete district of such typology and they appear to by quite residential in first glimpse but presence of auto shu tters on ground floor makes this presumptive ambiguous. The street presence of these building are bare minimum and has single entry point as perhaps as lobby or foyer. The presence of such type makes one wonder the nature of function of these building.
As we were asked to move towards the one of the shop like entry behin…

The master thesis seems to have been struggling to built argument ever since, however Ekta's thesis showed some greater possibilities of research and argument for future. Her work showed some close relation with how an Urban Designer operates, intervenes and conceptualize within the urban design framework. Her work may not be the best we can expect but definitely the best that KRVIA has produced. One may have areas of disagreement but can not deny the method she defines on what urban designer need to work upon. The quality of drawings have improved by her standard and perhaps comparatively with others as well. The thesis has tremendous clarity with its intent and also showed the possibilities of slow transformation of fabric on time scale. However it lacs on area of policy drafting, density building, and other crucial areas of urban design need to operates.