Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The day that perhaps embedded for years to come, as recent as just now & perhaps as not real as it can. But its reality & it may take as many years to accept & get embedded deep within psych. Still fresh memory of coming back from institute, desperately stopped by every signal on way, waiting for it to let go. How is that such pre-moment are lapsed & new reality surfaces perhaps undesirable reality that we are forced to live with. The moment of anxiety, the sigh of relief & ruthless reality within next moment. Its a moment that was feared for years but waiting not to emerge & suddenly that abbeys. It may be rather circumstances that is not pardonable or its absence that is not acceptable.. not able to reason out that... its famous Hitler quote that Use emotion for many & reserve reason for few... it is perhaps exactly reverse that fight is for emotion for few & reason for many.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Perhaps the most unknown figure among architecture fraternity is Akhil Dadkar. Akhil Dadkar was a product of Bandra School of Architecture & completed planning from CEPT. in late seventies. I had my first encounter with him, back in 1986 in Group Seven Office. The few project model on display showed some modernist virtues with strange blend of Indian architectonics. I began to inquire with some innocent question, behind the frail, beard personality i received some interesting explanation, which are still fresh in my mind. I thing those explanation are my first lesson in architecture. He has always remained silent about his work & remain committed to his way of working. Its strange that today we build one project & chase world out for its visibility while Akhil remained silent & covered right through out. His first project of private house had blatant modernity of corbusier one side while distinctly exploring indigenousness & aspiration on other side. His project at Nashik also brought crucial aspect of sustainability, cultural references & history of architectural forms. It is indeed sad that Akhil Dadkar is no more with us. He had almost decided to take a bow as silently as his architecture.

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