Friday, May 30, 2008

matrix & metaphysics

"The relation of Self & context establishes structure of epistemology which builds relation & dialogue. The inevitable expression is in the confinements of coscience, ethics & moral principal. Further it opens up for critical thinnking of dialectic & philosophic in nature. The dilemma of this matrix preoblematises the manifestation"

Thursday, May 22, 2008

" How to become a rare commodity or niche out your self among the array of visible things"?.... is that architecture or individual destined to be rare & nicheable....,,,, is there any ethics that can be discussed within the discourse or practice/ production of architecture.....

" Its is almost imperative that everything we do around is dubiously & unintelligently decadance of hindi cinema. How is that architecture can have autonomy of existance. The recent launch of architecture magazine is an attempt to singularuze, glorify individual attainment & cerebral audacity. Its thrives on unsolicited urbanity, attempting to redefine unimaginitave spa architecture/culture within de context s-politics."

SMART CITY MISSION: New Urban Paradigm of Imagination or Perception

The recent time has seen the shift in urban planning concerns of our cities, especially second tier cities. The emerging paradigm...