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Architecture is most dynamic form of art whose limits are pushed beyond its boundary defined by its predecessor. It is very often derives its momentum from global forces and aspiration. The priority that one exercise depends on various traits that shapes individual and our cultural aspiration. The momentum that modernism exerted on globalism resulted in virtue of presence of building but absence of language. It is global imperatives that perhaps shapes our social and cultural priority thus architecture. The more such imperative that exerts pressure on our culture… harder that architecture finds it be container of values of our time and region. The contemporary trend in global architecture is seemingly about delimiting formal process from the clutches of tight compartmentalized modernism and subsequently aided by technology. This apparently is very anti modernist stage setting whose virtues are reinventing notion of urbanism and architecture to its mainstream of s…


As i arrived in Taiwan; did not have enough understanding of past experiences of our exchange programe. However to my surprise i was asked to give talk on traditional cities of India. I am definitely not an expert on this subject matter but tried my best of eight hours of preparation to put to gether. I looked at the idea of Living Traditional Cities of India emphasizing the evolutionalry process based on certain principle and belief to recent readjustment that city goes through. I showed two cities: Jaipur and Madurai. Both the cities are similar in nature except the geographical location. But the most interesting thing was the nature of transformation that geography exerts on city is something to look at. Its quiet a revealing that city behaves its own was and intentions are in its own way. Perhaps it should be relooked again from academics point of veiw and take it to the studio assignment. We are very limited with our thoughts in terms of Metros and particualry Mumbai. The reasons…


The trip to Srilanka came up with low expectation but ended with deep impression about the terrain/ people. Srilanka has abundand naturaly gifted situations. The east and west with coastal region while central has mix of plane and mountains. The Batticulao city was real surprise as it has been hidden all these years behing the shadow of war and now suddenly opened up as a potential for tourism and other economic opportunity of lime base industry. It is yet to be seen the transformation that Batticulao goes through over the period ten years. Within the context of its socio-cultural morphing of various regions.. the natural setting... the issue of small town destined to be a large agglormeration of various economic activity and people shall be a challannge to the governing authority. However the impression of Srilanka as what is was and what is now are two opposite sides of perception.