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KRVIA MASTER’S STUDIO JURYThe jury for both the semester (I & III) happened to be on the same day. It’s a good idea to have the two semester jury on same day as an event where we can see the work collectively and juror also can have larger & collective canvas to react to. It brings concerns & patrons of KRVIA together on common platform and also allows us to create larger visibility.SEMESTER I:The beginning of the studio was envisaged as individual reaction to urban phenomena & come collective as grouping of cognitive experiences as a larger experiential map. Although it may have slight classical bend but it always remains effective tool to introduce the course to such diverse group at master level. The experiential map supersedes the hard data map as a reactive response to the urban conditions. The studio comes together in small design intervention at the level of micro inserts and allowing students to create the palette of typologies.It is still not convincing that t…



As metro rail moves from Nana Nua towards north bound station one intrigues by the way the metro has been carved out of dense fabric. It appears like serpent, scalping & negotiating through hashes. It sometimes appears precarious, sometimes entertaining as new high rises are lined up across the metro with plazas facing the track. I am not sure about what is it destined for, but Mumbai can not be imagined to be far from what you experience in Bangkok. The high rises appear to be moving from metro line to water canal where you see native life of real Bangkok almost similar to Gaothon in Mumbai, slowly and steadily it erases for capital reform.
Almost after five years of its inception the local mode of transport (auto) has become symbol of joy ride which is more expensive than the Toyota Corolla Metered cabs. It is becoming an imperative that successive generation makes preceding one a niche able commodity. Almost after f

नाम में लब्सो का अहेसास हो ना हो, नाम की उल्जन में दिखावे की हमे सोच नहीं नाम में पयाम की उम्मीद में हमारी.... नाम से जुडी हुई यादे ताजा हो गई ... नाम से जुडी फरियादे छू गई ....