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The known Indian English writer Kushwant Singh position in public domain would remain unoccupied even if he had departed at 150. He is known as a writer in slightly formal way, but would more formally known as editor and journalist. However he never claimed to remain clamped in formality box because he has attained his image through aggressive writing on social, cultural habits and customs of our society with wit imagination and nascent promise.
In less formal sense he was a not a critical writer but could bring essence in his powerful wit and narratives. The book title “The Sex, Scotch & Scholarship” intended to portray the contradictory relic of our values and institutions with sarcasm and imaginary stories. On other side he could write wit on his own and community without any encumbrance or religious historical treatise.
A proud shikh, but staunch satirist and blatantly outspoken. He could relentlessly criticize the policy on golden temple attack or react by returning the highe…


The fourth year jury was refreshing from the point of view of change of scale of projects. It enables to comprehend the contextual complexity,  micro-urbanism & resultant architecture. After reviewing the 10 presentation it was perhahps clear that architecture can not be afforded to get relegated to an object anymore. The distinction between regional and modern are always at conflict somehow. The resolution of both may be an ideal conditions. The regional is an condition that is embedded in our context and modernism that needs to be dealt with. I think we are exactly doing the reverse: modernism is assumed to be embedded and imagined that regional that we can deal with. The resultant manifestation is not unknown but our inquiry is still seems to be strangely obscured & contaminated with imagined elsewhereness.
The two projects were worthy of note, one with the clear diagram of reinforcing the main road axis and other axis  align with jetty. The resultant form was linear for fun…


The house is an expression of self imagination of mended undefined reality. The view that imagined to be framed by the window is a corollary to the desired views. The views and viewed are hinged on subconscious activity of mind. The view changes with intense distraction of what is viewed, the existence of window oscillates in ideality. The architecture of house is a subject of window whose existence depends on view and viewed. The subject of architecture and object of window is dichotomy of corollary house. The door that hinged in time, opens in anticipation, the window that frames the unframed in seeking ideality, forms a propelling device that drives the imagination of child. Which in turn pushing emotional and psychological depths of self and space to splintered corollary process.
The framed and frame of stilted space, seamless ground, bridging the intimacy of open and close is an outrageous imagination of child whose aspiration is to write manuscripts of delightful living space. …


A local train journey reveals different city altogether. It is quite surprising to witness the tidal wave of development surfacing in the horizon while blocks of building remain dilapidated in most of the cases. The stretch between Andheri to Goregaon, from Kandivali till Bhayander, once can clearly imagined the the diverse as well as conflicting social and cultural corollary. The new economic restructuring has resulted in contradictory condition of margin peripherals and dominant centers.
 The city appears clearly as landscape of margins and dominance across the horizon. The rail journey portrays the valuable account of unaccounted part of our city. The profit and investment aspiration is an archetypal urban culture arising from imagined globalizing process.   Such part of marginal city is depriving from such imagined global processes and left over visual characteristic of blocks delineates the contrived notation of being abandoned.
Along the tracks is also the wealth of railway archit…