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The morning walkers take walk at ease within the by lanes of Santa Cruz, west like Tagore road towards Madhu Park via Ramkrishna Temple complex or Derasar Road, via Main Avenue towards Arya Samaj. The common destination is park or public place scattered around the locality namely, Lions garden, Muktanand Park, Rotary Park, Vithal Nagar Temple Complex or Laxminarayan Temple Complex, which are all easily accessible from all parts of neighbourhood. There is some sense of familiarity among all the morning goers irrespective of the morning rituals. The familiarity is perhaps two generation deep among many of those who confirm their presence at that hour. This affirms the socially identifiable neighbourhood along with the some sense of pride & privilege.

The Santacruz- West is among few suburbs to have privilege of all the amenities at walking distance. The north bound street namely, Dattatrya road, Podar street, Tilak road sets an exam…
MICRO MINI NUCLEAR FAMILY The recent duties of post work has expanded into helping Miroy in his homework. The knowing subjects & teaching in adpoted style was difficult task than i thought. It has its own fun, sometimes frustration & sometime quite evolving. The recent incidence was hillarious as much as serious. The task was to make him understand the difference between joint family & nuclear family. The advantage of joint family against the nuclear family and to know the basic difference in structure of family. I started with asking question on joint family, i explained him the way joint family lives. Everything went very well however to my surprise, when i asked about nuclear family, he promplty disagreed with me on its compostion. Instead he explained: "if you, deepa & i decide to live seperately that is nuclear family". " I thought that is new family compostion for fatafat generation... any comments"