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When question is raised on ideological rooting within the moral stamp & canonical paramount of architecture, the resultant cultural manifestation, very often remains aloof and outside the discourse on architectural criticism and its responsibilities. It can take various forms and finds its treacherous escape from its representational responsibilities. The most didactic forms of cultural manifestation becomes most material & subservient expression of product. Architecture oscillates between two extremes condition of shaped and being shaped. The recent visit to Vitra Campus (Germany) & Novartis Campus (Switzerland) revealed collection, consumption of most branded & signature architecture. The ideological grounding of place for production of knowledge, innovation and interaction seems way beyond the didactic meaning. 

The presentation and guided tour outrageously proclaimed the need for brand architecture and design as a symbol and expression of moving with time & inno…


The city arrives through stark landscape of mountain range from distance and large reservoir. The stark landscape of rock formation makes city fabric far more humble and humane. The entire city is walk-able and it maintains its minimum infrastructure. The formation of bazaar within its main spine is distinguishable form many other similar ritual cities. The recent development of new, generic building types & enterprises are marginally visible. The homogeneous facade and perforated interior spaces still have charm of carefully preserved spatial value. 
It is one of the most sacred city of India with wonderful rock formation as arrival feature to the town, abundant water resources adds to its character. The belief to attain salvation as per mythology from the depleted deteriorating fabric,  type & characteristic of ritual city, are perhaps another reality of such minimum city.