Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Aaj ek nayi disha le kar
aasman ko chhune ki zid ki hei....
Bhatakta tha aaj tak issi khayal mein
kutch iftikhaar ki parashtish ki hei..."

"Junun ruka huva or gurur bikhara hua
Tera pass hone par ek nayi pahechan ki
khwaish ki hei..."

Thursday, June 2, 2011


It sounds almost coming out of Travel and Living channel, however it's usual habit that we decide to visit some of the exotic places without slightest clue of how and what. The recent trip to Srivardhan was no exception to our usual habit. Now i have amazing co-driver with me constantly reminding me of gas level, hp petrol pumps, gas prices, road signs, next destination, km left, which gear car is moving and time to shift to upper gear. Well my 10 year old son "Miroy" slowly picking up the pleasure of travelling and getting ready/use to slightest uncomfortable situation.

We started at 11-00 on saturday-28 of May and took our highway lunch, mix of rise, Datta's vada pav and misc. We reached Srivardhan via Alibaug, Murud, Agardanda, Mhasale at 4-30. It was rather long route but its one of the best scenic road parallel to coast. However the shorter route is via Roha, through western ghats. Srivardhan is similar to Sawant Wadi but not prepared for flux of tourist. We end up staying with Maharashtrian Family (guest house). But nevertheless it has its own charm of being center of everyday life of srivardhan.

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