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In 1979, a young 10th standard graduate aspired to do engineering, and left for Gujarat for desired study. He is innocent about his background, not did he understood the meaning of complex web of class stratification. He took pride in the explicit meaning of hammer associated to his background of caste system. However the implicit orders that exist behind the icons are sub-human manifestation. . He was not served tea in similar cups or not allowed to enter certain institutions These incidence are beyond his comprehension at that time. He was reminded of his caste system with utter disdain. The social inequality created menace during French revolution in 1789, has perhaps sawn the seed for revolt world wide against such discrimination.

The year 2009, span of thirty years, scars of past disdain are still fresh & dented deep inside. The global vision has inculcated new wisdom across the globe, race & caste are pathology of past. But past trail follo…

The effort of art is to mould the social, political advances or their institutions etc. into critical manifestation. It is an inquiry into socio-cultural process which every individual are engaged to. The reciprocal process of interaction between existential order & manifestation is a dialogue between abstract & isolated individuals. Art is not interpreted in unique rather general manifestation in unique. It thrives on generalization of unique concern with reciprocal relation.

The process by which any specific event is given abstract moral conception is how art is destined & matures. The critic or appraisal of such manifestations cannot be measured by absolute standards or static reason, but through causation. Every argument related to manifestation revolves around the question of priority of causes.

Black crows are an analogy of liberated absolute standards. The codification is favorite way of exempting oneself from tiresome obligat…
HISTORIOGRAPHY & HEGELIAN DIALECTICTaking cues of Idealistic period of history & philosophy (Rousseau) as will rather than pure cartesian fixation like newton's law, Hegel moved further by inducting idealism through powefull weapon of dialectic. However there concern about moral & natural order which might have been overlooked by idealist. He further enlarged the concept of reason with dilectic to denounce parochialism, monolithic notion of absolute institutions. The order of things have definite pattern, every society has norms & contradiction, thesis & anti- thesis. The dialectic results into continuous pattern of synthesis to higher level of synthesis. Hegelian philosophy definitely brings back the natinalism back to center, while he objectifies the history for justification & social change.The marxian objecification of economy as similar dialectic of class struggle. Hegel influence stimulated both philosophical & historical speculations in successi…
INFRASTRUCTURE INFATUATION The recent statistic shows that BMC spends only 30% of the cost on infrastructure development in Bombay. However the quantum of work carried out do not justify that or the statistics are underplayed. The whole argument is not about the expenditure but rather about the planing issues related to the infrastructure for the city. The ashpalt road pave the way for concrete, & recently to the paver block for internal roads. The imagined idealism is beautification rather than counter scientific appropriation against the natural calamities.

The skywalks are also seems to be blind imaginatin of safe & beautiful journey, inspired from sci-fi storey to recent hindi cinema, striving to convince the mass about imagined contrived future destined to be enginered poll flavour.

The recent attempt to assemble skywalk at Santarcruz-w is appear to be a holocaust, since they are encroaching the only possible straight link that survived between east & west, It is perhaps …