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Roundtable at the ICA London Saturday, March 25, 11am – 5pm, ICA London, Studio (Credit: Kingston University, Prof: Christoph Leuder.)
RESCALE (RESearch into Cities, Architecture, Landscape and Environments), Kingston School of Art
The asymmetrical distribution of power, political and economic opportunity in the urbanising territories of the Global South between rapid urban development and spectacular architecture driven by global financial markets on the one hand, and self-construction of irregular settlements by citizens excluded from an unaffordable property market, on the other hand, is inextricably intertwined with asymmetrical distribution of representation. That asymmetry is not limited to political representation but also is one of visually and verbally mediated representation. Drawing on feedback obtained continuously from the actions and experience of construction, inhabitation and improvisation, irregular settlements are inherently excluded from many key visual representations,…