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In general history is believed to be more misused and abused in process of reconstructing. Philosopher speaks of the truth in moral sense, poet in fictional sense, historiographer in context of event and interpretation. However within the profession of architecture the reconstruction of historical truth is often about nationalism, identity, strangely framed within the acute form Vs wider form of parochialism. Unlike socio-political thinkers like Hegel and Karl Marx came forward with a theory that historical processes proceed according to ideological, material or class struggle.
The knowledge of history interprets and illuminates the human activity through variety of manifestation. The knowledge that is reflected the state of society and thus in institutions that has grown from it. The transformation of an institution reflects the modesty, priority and freedom of choice. The institution is a biology of society, metaphorically elucidates the process of ideological stand in …


Dahanu is a small town, approximately 60 kilometer from Virar. It is also well connected by Local trains and due to train connectivity,  the place has visible transformation in last two years. Traditionally the place is known for Chikoo plantation, due to abundant water resources and soil condition. The majority of of the land resources are reserved for either for Chikoo plantation or forest. 
The frequent visit to dahanu for house construction site visit has revealed the living dimensions of the town in manifold. The agrarian society, adivasi settlements, reserve forest, industrialization of non agricultural land, privately owned farms along with the earlier inhabitant of the city, broadly defines the character & landscape of the town. The bi linguistic nature of local habitant makes the place unique as majority of them are Maharashtrian and Marathi speaking  population, yet conveniently adopted Gujarati dialect. 
It also has revealed the various social entrepreneurs that existed w…


The current semester II explored the housing studio as housing typological formation, its delivery system and responses to the various regional and environmental conditions which shall be affected by Delhi- Mumbai industrial corridor. The initial group study of Jaipur and Vidyadhar nagar explored the various geographical aspect that connects the urban form as large and as a result typifies the housing forms. The subsequent three site conditions (Jaipur, Palanpur, Bharuch) adds to the immense diverse conditions in design process, raising the expectation to be responsive to the existing settlement patter, environmental constraints and attributes, livelihoods, various possibilities of delivery systems. 

Inshort the divers site conditions sets an diverse/ appropriate response to specific ecological and socio-economic contexts which were required to have diverse articulated methodology for mapping, analysis and strategy making. 
The interesting aspect of the studio that revealed the diverse …