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The “Jan Lokpal Bill” is known in English as “ombudsman bill”. As per Wikipedia. It means the intermediary / representative between constitution and external constituency. This empowers the constituency to investigate any charged beaurocrates without prior permission from center.
Before we even understand such constitutional meaning of Lokpal Bill it is necessary to understand what its precedes or succeeds. What are the civilian rights vs electoral system of democratic system and their representative? Does democracy allows preceding the individual over constitutional elected representative for any amendment.

15th August Monday morning was busy with wishes through Sms’s celebrating the Independence Day. Within 24 hours the mood of independence was overshadowed with arrest of Anna Hazare. The whole country was held up on arrest as if within democracy the arrest in unconstitutional. However no one every thought of the fact that how valid is the need of such bill after almost 64 years of independence and almost democratic constitution. Is it fact that the corruption shall be abolished through the act... what is the reality in such assumption & how much is ignorance that we have cherished in such innocence?

There is no denial of corruption at the every level but is Lokpal Bill shall suffice to make corruption a past phenomenon is as much ignorant a thought as aspiration to have one. We attained independence in 1947 with less than 20% literacy level perhaps knowing what independence is... and perhaps assuming that it’s the beginning of the new world under the umbrella what could be to be a democratic country.

The recent phenomenon at ward office that person arguing with the government official on the RTI act but threatening with the Lokpal bill… but assuming the fact that I can do anything but stop government official for everything that is beyond official. In 1964 when the Civil Vigilance Commission was established with hoarding sign stating that “Corruption will no more now”. It’s more than five decades it’s not any more exaggeration to note where we are….but fact that it’s such deeply rooted within our psyche that mere presence of such act would eradicate values which has become our culture. It is important to note that we do have CBI (central bureau of investigation) & ACB (anti corruption bureau) to tab the monitory miss management within the public domain.
The Lokpal bill is pushed beyond its permissible assumption that prime minister is the only root cause of corruption. Its assumes the role of heroic messiah whose values are not beyond anything more than exaggerated dramatics of Hindi cinema. The world history is witness to the fact that Adolf Hitler or Mussolini or Sadam Hussein dictated the system beyond the system but became the messiah of anti-system. The demand of Lokpal Bill is popular like Hindi cinema but seems unrealistic as its coming out of heroic comic strip with short lived success.

I have some fundamental question to our electoral system and electro choice that we make. It makes beyond clarity that we have chosen the representative with clear myth that some heroic performance straight away coming out of screen to reassure ourself of our inner right. No wonder we elect solely based on legacy politics or some emulative heroic performance on screen.


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